Indigenous Community Engagement in the Supply Chain

Indigenous Community

The task for Indigenous communities and business to engage with local and major project supply chains has in the past been challenging. This has not been helped by broad brush programs and assistance that added very little to the commercial capability of local Indigenous businesses or the sustainable growth of the community.

There are many stages and activities in preparing for, and entering the supply chain. From the initial stages of identifying opportunity and making a plan, to the mid stage of building capabilities and processes that are needed and finally, providing the skills to commercially approach, confidently work in and have the support to be successful in the supply chain.

It takes a strong and experienced team with understanding and respect on both ends of the supply chain. We not only develop and deliver a range of activities to target real and available opportunities in the supply chain, but also have the connections in the market to advise the most suitable pathways for each Indigenous community and business.

Facilitating Indigenous Access to Supply Chain Opportunities

Effectively engaging traditional owners, Indigenous business and communities, assisting them to access supply chain opportunities. This includes:

  • ­Facilitating alliances of Traditional Owners and Indigenous businesses
  • ­Collaboration and team building for Indigenous businesses
  • ­­Tendering and contract support for Indigenous groups targeting project opportunities
  • ­­Indigenous led delivery models that maximise support and engagement from Indigenous communities
  • ­­Effectively linking Indigenous businesses with supply chains – making the introductions and ensuring the business match is sound. ISCC has extensive links to Indigenous business networks and communities to source capabilities
  • ­­Regional and project specific strategies to help Indigenous businesses connect with short term and long term work opportunities
  • ­­Working with communities to align community development, education and employment goals with major project opportunities
  • ­­Indigenous and non-Indigenous specialists able to work with communities and businesses across the full range of issues that arise during supply chain engagement.

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