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Formulating and rolling out an Indigenous participation strategy can be a challenging process especially with compliance to the Federal Government “Indigenous Procurement Policy” (IPP) . If strategies  are not developed in a collaborative way with Indigenous Traditional Owners and communities, there is a risk of poor outcomes and potentially substantial risk for projects and Proponents.

For example; over-runs from project interruptions, risk to corporate and brand reputation from damaging media coverage and internal & external conflict during implementation of the  strategy –  not a good outcome for risk adverse Companies.

The skills required to develop a strong and sustainable model that all parties can benefit from, requires deep insight into Culture and the needs of the parties, plus a depth of understanding of the inherent risks.  The diverse culture and experience of the ISCC team can provide a risk management and a non-biased approach in developing an Indigenous Participation Strategy with clarity of expectation and agreed milestones, satisfying Proponent requirements as well as benefiting Traditional Owners, communities and Indigenous businesses.

We Deliver Sustainable Participation Strategies

For major projects and supply chains. Indigenous Supply Chain Connections’ (ISCC) focus is to build and empower partnerships between Indigenous businesses and communities, and major supply chains – creating value for all. This covers:

  • ­‘End to end’ solutions for Indigenous participation in major supply chains and projects
  • ­Supporting proponents to define, develop and deliver Indigenous supply chain opportunities that maximise value to projects and Indigenous communities, and meet IPP, ILUA, and contract engagement goals
  • ­Risk management advice and solutions to minimise risks associated with the delivery of Indigenous Participation Policies, ILUAs and contract engagement goals
  • ­Advice and assistance to identify and resolve issues that may be adversely affecting Indigenous participation
  • ­Mentoring and capability building support to ensure that planed Indigenous participation can be achieved
  • ­Assist tier 1 and lower tier contractors with effective Indigenous engagement and participation in the supply chain.

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