Satisfying the Needs of Major Supply Chains and Legislation

Major supply chain participationAs Major Projects, Corporate and Government gain more  knowledge, experience and understanding around Indigenous participation and in turn Indigenous Businesses, Traditional Owners and communities establish stronger governance, strategy and capability, the landscape is changing.

With the introduction of Indigenous Participation Legislation (IPP) and corporate responsibility, there is an ever growing need for industry to continually review, develop and update how they engage, work with and develop Indigenous stakeholders to foster more sustainable relationships and benefits.

Indigenous Supply Chain Connections (ISCC) works with major projects proponents and Indigenous Traditional Owners, communities and businesses to facilitate sustainable participation programs and develop long term capability to match supply chain requirements.

Delivering Indigenous Participation and Engagement Best Practice

Indigenous Supply Chain Connections (ISCC) helps major projects and supply chains to connect effectively with Indigenous businesses and communities and build sustainable, positive working relationships.
As a majority Indigenous owned business, ISCC brings the values of respect for culture and community, open collaboration, and respectful relationship development to its professional skills in major project supply chain procurement and systems, and high performance contractor delivery programs.

ISCC brings a proven and globally recognised track record of working effectively with Indigenous businesses and communities, proponents and contractors to deliver value. ISCC’s focus on risk management delivers better working relationships, improved Indigenous business capability and delivery performance, minimises risk of Indigenous business and contract failure, as well as unlocking better value for projects and communities in ILUA, IPP and contract arrangements.

This practical assistance helps major supply chains to successfully and sustainably add Indigenous businesses and their workforces to the supply chain.

Our Core Services


Indigenous Participation Strategies

Working with Major Project Proponents & Community

Supporting proponents to define, develop and deliver Indigenous participation opportunities that maximise value to projects and Indigenous communities .
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Indigenous Business Capabiltiy Building

Working with Indigenous Businesses & Communities

Working with existing and startup Indigenous businesses to build their capability and link them with supply chains.
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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Access for Indigenous Groups

Working with Indigenous Groups & Communities

Effectively engaging with Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities to assist them to access local supply chain opportunities.
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We work with you to formulate a customised program based on your requirements and our proven models.

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